BlueArt Mng – Artists on Tour 2013

Artists on Tour 2013

Bruno Marini – Massimiliano Rolff – U. T. Gandhi Trio
Bruno Marini – Baritone Sax/Flute
Massimiliano Rolff – Double Bass/Electrobics
U. T. Gandhi – Drums and Percussions

Risk and instant compositions: adventurous music for daring listeners only.

Rischio e composizioni istantanea: musica avventurosa per ascoltatori temerari.

Jesse Davis Quartet
Jesse Davis – Alto Sax
Andrea Pozza – Piano
Massimiliano Rolff – Double Bass
Adam Pache – Drums

A concert, a jazz event. Jesse Davis is one of the most requested afro-american saxophonist in Europe, on stage with top players of italian jazz scene. An authentic blend of jazz standards and modern jazz, for an amazing show.

Un concerto. Un evento. Il sassofonista afro-americano più richiesto in Europa. Dopo grandi esperienze con le leggende del jazz mondiale presenta, alla guida di un quartetto di eccezione, un repertorio energico fatto di jazz standards e di tributi ai compositori contemporanei.

Massimiliano Rolff Unit Five
Massimiliano Rolff – Double Bass
Luca Begonia – Trombone
Stefano Riggi – Tenor Sax
Massimo Currò – Guitar
Paolo Franciscone – Drums

Rolff, with 3 albums as leader, is now considered one of the finest jazz composers in Italy and one of the most requested freelance bassist from american jazz stars. A great concert with great respect of tradition, looking for modernity with a strong hard-bop sound. Unit Five was born in 2005, and since then got countless enthusiastic reviews all over the globe.

Sideman al fianco di numerose star del jazz e raffinato compositore. Un sound contraddistinto da una importante ricerca nel linguaggio hard-bop con recensioni entusiastiche sulla stampa europea e americana.

Joost Swart – Massimiliano Rolff – Daviano Rotella Trio
Joost Swart – Piano
Massimiliano Rolff – Double Bass
Daviano Rotella – Drums

The most interesting pianist of the new dutch jazz scene. Joost Swart has grown musically close to the the greatest pianists, and has been for 5 years on the prestigious stage of the North Sea Jazz Festival. After a strong time on the New York scene he’s back on the european scene, touring in the best festivals, clubs and theaters. In the last years he also toured many times Japan, Africa and South America. His new trio is with Massimiliano Rolff on double bass and Daviano Rotella on drums, two of the most expert jazz musicians of the italian scene. Their new album “After Dark”, released in 2012 by BlueArt.

Cinque anni di fila al North Sea Jazz Festival. Dopo un intenso periodo sulla scena newyorkese e numerosi tour in Giappone, torna in Europa con un nuovo progetto. In repertorio jazz standard e brani originali tratti dall’ultimo lavoro discografico.

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