Barbara Raimondi

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Barbara Raimondi

Alcune prestigiose citazioni su Barbara Raimondi …

“Floricanto”, in fact, it’s a delight to listen to from start to finish. The interplay between the musicians, both on the CD and in a live setting, is superb.”
Matthew Ruddick (Kindofjazz – UK)

“The performance was poetic and intense, nostalgic and elegant. The three artists are virtuosos with longstanding and successful carriers, and played many solos and improvisations. While Zirilli brilliantly marked the rhythm, Taufic created touching melodies, supporting the passionate voice of Raimondi.”
David Franchi (Remotegoat – Uk)

“Barbara Raimondi’s unforgettable concert at london’s Pizza Express Jazz Club is my gig of the year.”
Jim Mullen

“A delightful project, where the beautiful voice of Barbara Raimondi is tastefully accompanied by the sensitive touch of Roberto Taufic on guitar and the skilful rhythms of Enzo Zirilli on drums. A gig I highly recommend.”
Antonio Forcione

“If it’s pure joy you require, then the group, Contigo en la distancia will transport you from Chile to Mexico, via old Italy, with such passion and fervour it’ll make you dance, smile and cry! The combined talents of super percussionist and drummer, Enzo Zirilli, the clear-voiced Barbara Raimondi and the super virtuoso guitar of Roberto Taufic will take you on an unforgettable journey, showing us old Latin melodies, music of the people, beautiful traditional ballads … all sounding fresh and perfect for today. I loved it.”
Ian Shaw

Barbara Raimondi – Contigo en la Distancia Trio
feat. Robero Taufic – Enzo Zirilli

  1. Un Poquito de Tu Amor
  2. Algo Contigo
  3. La Pioggia di Marzo
  4. Inolvidable
  5. Cuando Vuelva a Tu Lado
  6. Floricanto
  7. Conversazione
  8. La Maza
  9. Juninho
  10. Cielito Lindo
  11. Improvisando (Bonus Track)

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