Massimiliano RolffEmanuele CisiMax IonataCettina DonatoJoel HolmesJoost SwartPerico Sambeat Italian QuartetBruno Marini - Massimiliano Rolff - U.T. GandhiGilad AtzomDimitar
Massimiliano Rolff @ Doublebass
Emanuele Cisi @ Sax
Max Ionata @ Sax
Cettina Donato @ Piano
Joel Holmes @ Piano
Joost Swart @ Piano
Perico Sambeat Italian Quartet
Bruno Marini - Massimiliano Rolff - U.T. Gandhi
Gilad Atzmon
Dimitar Liolev Quartet
BlueArt … easy living!

There are agencies that are simply suppliers – you ask, I provide – and agencies that follow your needs while transmit and share methods and skills; for this attitude they are destined to become partners.

Here … This is BlueArt.

Booking & Management

The care of the interests of the artists is one of the most important and delicate tasks in the world of music.

BlueArt is ready to carry out this delicate duty, alongside the artist during his career, selecting projects and developing strategies, with passion and competence.